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      Jinrou Game [RAW]

      Jinrou Game

      Associated Names
      Jinrō Gēmu
      Jinroh Game
      Werewolf Game

      Status in Country of Origin
      3 Volumes (Complete)

      Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen

      KAWAKAMI Ryou



      A girl named Airi is kidnapped on the way home from school and brought to a building where 9 other people are caught in the same predicament. Soon, a television screen in the room informs them that they’ll be playing a deadly version of game “Werewolf” and they’re not allowed to quit.

      The group is split into two teams consisting of 8 villagers including a “seer” and 2 werewolves. During the “day” phase of the game, the villagers are able to pick someone they suspect of being a werewolf and execute them. During the night phase, the werewolves can kill a villager. Meanwhile, the seer has an additional opportunity to discover if someone is a werewolf or not. The group continues to play the game as they’re killed off one by one, with no idea why they’re being forced to do it.

      **Nội dung ẩn: Để xem được nội dung này bạn phải có số bài gửi lớn hơn hoặc bằng 1.**

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