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    1. [X-Post Mini Games]

      FA banzai!

      One major reminder for me has been that if you get a woman, you don't just get a woman: a woman is part of a very large package deal. If you have a woman, you should provide her with a good home, or at least pitch in your fair share in providing it. Then you have to have a good job, and then there are insurance payments and other bills to pay. If nature takes its course, and it usually does, you wind up with children (remember what makes women's pupils dilate)—little egomaniacs who practically enslave you for years until they are grown up enough to leave home, and when they are little they scream, have icky liquids squirting out of both ends, get diseases through a complete ignorance of basic principles of hygiene, and occasionally clumsily stumble and hit their head on the corner of the coffee table. The whole situation becomes huge grounds for attachment and worry[...]
      Then there is the thought that women themselves are very subject to the law of impermanence. Women change, and not always for the better. A wise friend once told me a saying to the effect that, when a man and a woman get married, the woman always wants the man to change, and he never does, and the man always wants the woman to stay the same, and she never does. It may not be applicable to all cases, but it does describe a general trend in human affairs.
      At one extreme there are sweet-tempered females (and if they are beautiful besides, then the situation can become pretty much ideal) who use affection to get what they want—after a man is thoroughly pleased and glowing with satisfaction, then his mate shares her belief that the house should be painted a different color. At the other extreme there are vitriolic-tempered women who bully their men into giving them their way through shrill, angry complaint (["bích chi"]), sometimes even working things up into bouts of shouting and the throwing of dishes, so that the man gives in for the sake of calming the inferno [cuồng nộ], until next time. The [old wise sages] says that it is better for a man to live on top of the roof than under it with such a woman. But the average approach, the middle of the statistical bell-shaped curve of feminine persuasion, is persistent urging, or "nagging."
      Another major consideration is that almost everyone is active, and at the same time almost everyone is unhappy. So being active is obviously unlikely to make people much happier. It's more just a matter of scratching a chronic, exasperating itch. On the other hand, wise and happy people are often celibate. This is an easily seen and very sobering reflection.
      Kết luận.

      So if you don't have a deep need for constant, close companionship, or children (not such a good idea nowadays anyway with the world the way it is), or a live-in cook and housekeeper (and many [modern] women are too busy for very much of that), or someone to keep you out of trouble and to see that you "behave," then you may be better off celibate.
      Sửa lần cuối bởi belly_mng; 20-04-2016 lúc 00:27.

    2. Phim The Jungle Book chỉ có 1 diễn viên đóng phin ngoài ra toàn kĩ xảo

      Phim chuyển thể.


      Hơi thấp đó. Sony sẽ ban game VR dưới 60 fps

      (p/s: PS VR dự kiến ra mắt vào tháng 10 năm nay)

      PV hiện trường.
      Sửa lần cuối bởi belly_mng; 20-04-2016 lúc 11:01.

    3. #843
      Tham gia ngày
      Bài viết
      Cấp độ
      hell yeah baby here come danganronpa 2 (it may be the last)

    4. #844
      Trích dẫn Gửi bởi dakhoa1234vn Xem bài viết
      hell yeah baby here come danganronpa 2 (it may be the last)
      KAT for sure.

    5. Sửa lần cuối bởi belly_mng; 20-04-2016 lúc 22:25.

    6. Tổng hợp game ra cuối tháng 4:
      - [T - RPG] Hyperdevotion Noire: Apr 26
      - [Dash] Angela: Apr 28 full.
      Sửa lần cuối bởi belly_mng; 22-04-2016 lúc 00:28.

    7. #847
      Trích dẫn Gửi bởi belly_mng Xem bài viết
      Tổng hợp game ra cuối tháng 4:
      - [T - RPG] Hyperdevotion Noire: Apr 26
      - [Dash] Angela: Apr 29 full.
      NepNep thích nhất Noire. :3

    8. PS NEO. (no slim)

      Office 365 vs a big NAS.

      TCO for Microsoft: 10 years [sic]: $1000.00 (plus cost increases).

      TCO for Libreoffice: $0 for a lifetime.
      Storage: $450 for a 5TB NAS with the potential for increasing that storage at any time with a nominal one-time cost.

      Costs are recovered within 5 years compared to the time to date TCO of a MS buy-in. After that, it's free.

      Bonuses with the second method:
      1. Privacy. Your stuff stays your stuff. No snooping. No fat target for hackers.
      2. No dependence on an active Internet connection.
      3. No potential for not being able to access/use your files.
      Cuộc chiến di động.

      Hình to

      Visual Novel có FPS -> whut?

      Rip san hô.
      Intel cắt giảm 12k nhân sự, rời bỏ thị trường PC.

      Trích dẫn Gửi bởi Cannibal V Xem bài viết
      Large scale thì thích hơn nhỉ.

      Máy bắn đá to đến mức mà đối phương phát khiếp
      Sửa lần cuối bởi belly_mng; 23-04-2016 lúc 14:22.

    9. #849
      Cứ có thông tin mới gì từ Sony là lại war Mà đám master race hung hãn vãi đái
      Bộ sưu tập Game PS3 một link 4svn duy nhất

      Hãy bấm nút "Cảm ơn" nếu bài viết hữu ích cho bạn!
      Please click "Thanks" if useful post for you!

    10. [ARPG] Xem map của Grim Dawn.

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