Author: Sky
Disclaimer: the characters are not mine.
Genres: humor
Pairing: no pairing. Hint 1827 (Hibari x Tsuna)
Rating: T
Note: This is an omake for a longfic of mine, but I can't find the right moment to insert it in the main story... Anyway, it can be read independently.

It's unbeta'd, so please bear with any mistake in the story.

A day in Sawada's household

He was dying.

Who had thought it was a brilliant idea to introduce his mother to the world of cross-dressing? Who had done it? Who? Tsuna would personally hunt that one down and beat them to a pulp and burn that particular idea to ash.

“No.” He said firmly, eyeing the pink dress laid out before him as though it was plague. ”Absolutely not.”

“But you said it was cute, Tsuna.” His mother wailed. Actually wailed.

“No, mother.” The brunet repeated, stressing in every words to let her know that he was serious. This was serious. It was one thing to give nice comment about an outfit, and it was a completely different thing to try to put on a dress. Besides, his opinion about girl clothing always ranged between ‘nice’ and ‘cute.’ So, that compliment didn’t count.

His masculinity cringed at the mental image of him wearing a skirt. He was a man, for God’s sake. Why everyone would think he could want to ... want to dress like a girl?

No matter what, he would stand on his ground.


It turned out that they hadn't exaggerated at all when saying that woman’s tears was one of the ultimate weapon in the world.

He should have predicted that though. He should have thrown himself out the window before his mother’s eyes started watering around the rim.


“Oh my God! Tsuna! You look like an angel!”


“Oh, perfect, that...perfect! “

“...Mom, wait! Is that a camera in your hand?!”

“Yes, dear! I want to record these wonderful moments and treasure it forever.”

“No! Mom!”

“But but…I’m so happy, oh my. I’ve always want to have a daughter. It’s the best birthday day I’ve ever had.”



“…..Just today. Keep calm. Only today…”

“Now it’s time to make some chocolate.”



Tsuna was cussing in every language he knew. In his mind, of course. His mother might have a heart-attack if she heard his colorful vocabulary aloud.
Not for the first time in the last part of hours he stopped regretted the moment he went shopping with his mother that day. It proved to be a horrendous mistake.

And now he had to suffer for it.


His phone vibrated in his hand, signaling a new message received. Tsuna widened his eyes a bit as he saw the name displayed in the screen.
My Cloud.

The Skylark had been gone for nearly a week now, seemingly dealing with some disturbing herbivores. According to Kusakabe though, he had to leave to deal with some family stuff, or something along that line.

Go up.

Tsuna stared confusedly at the text for a few seconds. When comprehension hit him, he immediately turned his back and ascended the stair, going straight to his room.

It was an unsaid thing between them that whenever Kyoya was injured, he would to go to his place; and Tsuna, who always had a full first-aid kit around the room, would treat him. So far most of the wounds had been not severe, much to Tsuna’s relief. The only problem with the deal was that the Skylark tend to arrive via his window, no matter day or night (The last part was sort of creepy though. Imagining somebody practically hanging out of your window at 2am.)

Opening his room door, he took in the sight of Kyoya sitting his back on the edge of his bed, flipping absently through a book. He was wearing casual clothes, with high collar shirt and black pants. What draw Tsuna’s eyes, however, was the deep, bleeding cut in the prefect’s lower arm. He waited no time to pull out the first aid kit from the drawer.

As Tsuna was about to ask the prefect how he could climb up to Tsuna’s window room at this condition, Kyoya looked up and sort of freeze in the track. His eyes widened slightly, gluing to Tsuna.

Confused, Tsuna followed his gaze downward and finally registered a horrified revelation: he was still in the girl outfit. So worry for the prefect, he’d forgotten to change back to his usual clothes first. Ugh.

The brunet couldn’t dwell long on his grimace though, for he caught the sight of the prefect pulling out a phone in his peripheral vision.

“NO—“ Tsuna immediately lunged forward in a desperate attempt to stop what would happen next.

But the damage was already done. Tsuna could hear a sharp ‘click’ of phone taking a picture echoed the four walls of his room. For an injured person, the Skylard was surely unnecessary quick. In a blink of an eye, the teen had already jumped to perch on the bane of his window, a smirk tugging on his mouth.

“I guess I’ll go for now.” Kyoya declared, and jumped out of Tsuna’s view.


A piercing shriek could be heard from the other end of the street dedicated all one need to know about the current feeling of a certain brunet.


A week after that day, Kusakabe came to the clinic four times in total to check his eyes, and left quite unsatisfied every times. At his fifth time showing up though, the doctor kicked him out of the door, threatening him with violent method if he dared to show up again.

“Your insight was perfectly 10/10, so quit returning.” Quote the angry doctor.

Kusakabe wanted to believe it, too. But he thought his eyes seemed to do some tricks to him these days.

Lately, he saw Tsuna walking around with a murderous aura, and his leader smiling over his cell phone frequently. Not a smile that bared teeth threateningly. Not a smile that implied, ‘I’ll take great enjoyment in biting you to death.’ No, it was just a small smile. But it was a real one. And oh boy, it scared the hell out of him.