Who else had an Nook Miles Ticket image in their heads of what the"distance buns"/"afro puffs" were likely to look like, then clicked the screenshot and was just like"THAT'S exactly what they had been mad about? Lumpy low res dollops of brownish pixels!? "It feels like these people live very vacant lives devoid of actual relationships/careers/hobbies should they have the time and energy to go so hard to something insignificant.I've actually got an appointment on Friday with someone who apprenticed together and now I'm even more eager.

I despise that you simply give Ian Miles Cheong a feeling of legitimacy in this and then go on to discredit polygon. I haven't been around Twitter in weeks but I can't recall a single tweeet out of him where people didn't shake him for being a hack

The distinction between Afro Puffs and Space Buns is the former specifically has curly hair involved, and derives from African American culture. Space Buns would be the Asian equal (you've probably most likely seen them on Chun-Li, however it's also typical in anime/manga).

I really just went to look her up and can't find an agreed term. It is some type of looped braid thing that may have had roots in Native American hairstyles, although Lucas apparently based it off an image of a Mexican revolutionary woman. . .Animal Crossing VS Truth

We recently started playing the sport and my 3 children love it. So, together with being stuck home bc of Covid-19, Homeschooling, and now Snow, we decided to bring the outdoors decorations indoors, by producing our very own interactive buy New Horizons Items Island. We hope you enjoy it!I possess a piece by Pony too! They are an incredible artist. I would like for them to finish my sleeve. I really like that the Animal Crossing theme!That's so amusing, I have been planning out my animal crossing inspired tattoo with this artist in your mind!! Pretty cool to see it, beautiful tattoo