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      Kyoukai no Kanata (Novel) [RAW]

      Kyoukai no Kanata (Novel)

      Associated Names
      境界の彼方 (Novel)
      Beyond the Boundary (Novel)
      Beyond the Horizon (Novel)

      Status in Country of Origin
      3 Volumes (Ongoing)

      Action, Fantasy, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural

      Kamoi Tomoyo

      Torii Nagomu


      The story of Kyoukai no Kanata is set in a world where creatures from the spirit world called Youmu, roam in the human world under human disguises, and trained specialists called Spirit World Warriors protect humans from Youmu attacks.

      Akihito Kanbara is a high school student who apparently has a Youmu lineage and a peculiar regenerative ability that exceeds that of a normal human's. In an unexpected encounter, Akihito saves a classmate named Mirai Kuriyama, whom he believes is about to jump off the school building, not knowing that Mirai is a Spirit world Warrior. Mirai who was sent to kill Akihito fails because of Akihito's immortal blood. After their first encounter, Akihito starts to help Mirai because he thinks that they're on the same foot. Akihito and Mirai develop their friendship together with Mitsuki Nase and Hiroomi Nase. Their friendship goes under different trials that make their bonds stronger and the relationship between Mirai and Akihito grows deeper and deeper.

      Sacrifices and great decisions are made by Mirai and Akihito. Decisions that might let them live without the person they want to protect the most.

      (Source: Kyoukai no Kanata Wiki)

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