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  1. Xem đối thoại
    I WAS quite busy these days, even tho I still check the thread once in the morning and night.
    Idk, I just felt like I dont have anything to say about the topics u brought up (which IS weird)
    Dont worry, just let it be natural, dont feel obligated to it and talk for sake of having something to talk about. We've had enough of that thing irl.
    The "Bạn đã không tham gia thảo luận trong thời gian dài...." is kinda annoying tho.
  2. Xem đối thoại
    Quite good, in my "bisexually objective, only interested in love, not just the male or female" opinion. Give it a try if you dont have anything on queued (im sure you do). Would take a while for it to get fully translated, so the wait (weekly updated) can be frustrating.

    Trust me, while demographic is girls, a lot of Chinese romances can easily be enjoyed by males, it isnt Twilight.

    We have a word limit for VM, thats new to me.
  3. Xem đối thoại
    Homo shipping? There are only heterosexual couples in this one as far as I'd read. Not even any hint. Its quite mature compared to a lot of other novels and has what I consider a realistic depiction of hetero male friendships too.

    And hes the little brother "type" (heroine's actual brother actually....) so a bit "pretty boy"-y is normal. The description of him at the first page does sound like a bait tho. If its a 80s shoujp manga, he would have flowers as background and shit...
    But its not what you think it is, its about satisfying emotional masochism (they has a word for this specific category, "ngược") just what I like, frustrating self-defeat attitudes.
  4. Xem đối thoại
    Ahh, quite exactly that actually, been snuggling into a mountain retreat past few weeks (sounds luxurious, but not really, and dont ask me that dont moi have a job or anything, I do, sort of, this has something to do with that), reading Chinese romances for bedtimes. The weather is just fit. Super comfy. Having to leave soon tho...

    Heck! Even the story I has been following got updated this morning too, cant help but feel like birthday present. The name sounds cliché, but the writing and translations are both great, with both main characters my type. Hnnnnn~~~
  5. Xem đối thoại
    Thanks, heheh.

    For reminding me what an awesome person I am.
  6. Xem đối thoại
    Thanks for the simple analysis btw, I had never thought about that Viral thing. Seriously...
  7. Xem đối thoại laptop decided to refuse booting up, now I cant even play...

    Maybe Warframe, no, gaming was never for me....
  8. Xem đối thoại
    Never really good with this damage caculating thing...
  9. Xem đối thoại
    Oh, should I use dual stat mods or pure elemental mods then?
    Dread btw...
  10. Xem đối thoại
    Nah, graduated, lazing around at my parents' expense.

    Do you have a spare "Fanged Fusillade"?
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