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  1. Xem đối thoại
    it's 7 days past it, but thank you regardless haha.
    sorry for late respond, I didnt notice the guest message.
  2. Xem đối thoại
    Hes only 3 years older, than who? You or me?
    Hah! Just to show how...

    Beside, hes an ancient somebody, with a job and waifu and kids and stuffs. I cant just kill him off without causing public panic. Just image the headline.
    "HomiC++! 30-something-idk-hes-old-lol Programmer Home, Killed!
  3. Xem đối thoại
    By offing you, and then wait for my sweet delicious two years.
  4. Xem đối thoại
    You aim to appear matured by deliberately being immature?
    That's fallacious, while you can say that you got rid of "fear of childishness", the desire to be grown up still there.

    And I dread not childishness, nor do I want to be the "grown up". What I want is to "become superior than thou". Competitiveness, virtue.
  5. Xem đối thoại
    >implying you have any.
    >implying I dont have.
    Dont go there.

    It isnt about having or having not, its having as much as deserved. I wholely deserve the gratification of "being at least as old as a brat like yo".
  6. Xem đối thoại
    Just 40? Kids are so fast these days, internet and stuffs.
    My wise is beyond mere countable span of human life.
    Just to show how rigged da system is. Hah, 2 years older! Hah!

    you did a QUIZ on FACEBOOK? Hah, just to show how...
  7. Xem đối thoại
    Am trying, I really am...
    Now if I can just "off" you without doxxing, since, ya know, doxxing is mean.
  8. Xem đối thoại
    dude, Im only 92
    end me

    Wait, so, despite all what Disney taught us, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much effort put, I will never be surpass you in this field, that's unfair, da system is too unbalanced!!
    What about "hard work", what about "if you believe"?
    I thought its world of equal-opportunities????

    I can always "disqualify" you from the race of course...where ya live again?
  9. Xem đối thoại
    Nah '94!
    You didnt get it?
    Since my birthday is on August, that makes me as "lived"(22) as you are for two months before ya gets "promoted" again.
  10. Xem đối thoại
    Happy birthday, you obnoxiously self-conscious twat.
    you are older than me, again
    Wow, I've done this for like three times already.
    The few and far between intervals make time seems to go really fast eh.
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