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      [Fanfiction] Meet you on Twitter

      Meet you on Twitter

      Amelia has always been a hard-working girl as her life is nothing covered with silver and gold. Her family has a complicated background.

      Introducing himself as Edward, a funny friendly but enigmatic guy on Twitter suddenly rolls into Mia's busy life with his chats and talks. But he never foresees their unexpected encounter, or the way their relationship will develop.

      A simple meeting changes everything, putting limits to both Mia and Edward. Words need to be said stay in the heart. And feelings need to be shown stay hidden.

      stefanc $ git add hello_vnsharing.txt
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      one: #follow4follow
      Every single girl in this world has her own dream guy, the Mr. Perfect for her but the Mr. Better-Be-Friend for others. Mostly, when their Mr. Perfect came, to those lucky enough, the romantic story would be pretty much cliché with a ‘And they live happily ever after.’ And what happened to those who weren’t lucky enough? Spending over two months steeped in Taylor Swift music. That was what Angie, my bestie, did whenever she got her heart broken from an acrimonious turn down. As for me, I would never ever be in love with a high schooler even if he was seriously my type. Besides, I was too occupied catching up with my Mr. Perfect life to pay any heeds for other guys. Yes, I did have someone to dream of every night. Unfortunately, I didn’t know which of the two categories which my case applied to. If it was the reason that I wondered, I’d gladly to explain. It was because we didn’t actually meet each other. I only got to see him by reading his tweets, watching his videos (more accurately, his band’s videos) occasionally. Angie told me to stop fantasizing over an impossible boy and get a real possible boyfriend instead. But she just didn’t understand how much this Irish boy meant in my life. His perfect blond hair, his intense blue eyes, his charming smile, his love for music, his carefree ways of living as if there was no tomorrow, how he cared for his fans, with all of these beautiful traits, how could Angie expect me to forget about him? Even when it came to his perfectly imperfect side, my feelings for him didn’t bother to change. Regarding the fact that we were two parallel lines, not only did I fail to forget about him but at the same time, I fell deeper and deeper for Niall Horan.

      As every usual Saturday night, I logged on to my Twitter account. And the first thing I did was checking Niall’s tweets. Favorited. Favorited. Retweeted. Retweeted. OMG, I have the same thoughts as he does.

      DayDreamer (@ JustMiaN): @NiallOfficial Me too! LOL! :))

      Well, sometimes, when I felt like it, I replied to one of his tweets with a bit of hope that he would find me in that throngs of people. After my Nialler check-up, I went to catch up with the latest trends and hot news. Apparently, there was a new scandal which was hot enough to take over the first place in the trending list. The name Harry Styles was well bolded with black, standing heroically at the top. I wondered who he messed up with this time. Hey, I didn’t hate Harry Styles or view him with critical eyes. It was just that in most of my self-made plot of the love story between me and Niall, Harry Styles was the one I communicated to the least or eschew to talk to. Without hesitation, I could say that there were no Directioners who would NOT admit that Harry Styles was perceived as the Flirt among the five lads. Knowing myself enough, I came to a sense in which there would never be a way that me and the curly guy could be friends or cooperate to do anything. I basically couldn’t bear the flirty type and literally tried to stay away from them as far as possible. Reluctantly, I clicked on the bold letters, Harry Styles. He was Niall’s friend after all so I felt a little bit of a need to know what he had done.

      My mouth slowly formed an ‘O’ shape while both of my cheeks were heating up. The day was his birthday. I felt guilty for a moment because I had thought badly of him. Harry Styles is not THAT bad. My subconscious whispered in my head. I glanced down to the flat screen.

      The long interminable lists of ‘Happy birthday’ dazzled me. Slowly, my finger scrolled down the page reading perfunctorily until a weird tweet caught my attention. I had to say, it was very salient.

      Edward. (@hesloveturtles) So many best wishes for Harry Styles. Whatever, happy birthday to ME!!

      Not knowing to think of, I just absentmindedly pressed the Favorite button and gave the stranger a reply.

      DayDreamer (@ JustMiaN) @hesloveturtles Lol. Happy Birthday!! Best wishes for you though I don’t know who you are.

      In a blink of an eye, the Connect tab on the top of the screen flashed a tinge of illusory blue. I hesitantly opened it in a new tab betting with myself that it was Edward. So much for guessing, it was him. I mentally paid myself 10 bucks.

      Edward. (@hesloveturtles): @ JustMiaN Thanks Mia. You just made my day.

      DayDreamer (@ JustMiaN):@hesloveturtles Don’t mention it. Lol, glad to be the one.

      Edward. followed you.

      I wondered if my lips were curling up when I saw the notification. Wait, why would I be smiling for a random follow from a random guy? That just sounds so illogical. Should I follow the guy back? Uh oh, why should I considerate that? He’s a stranger.

      Edward. (@hesloveturtles) favorited your tweet.

      Edward. (@hesloveturtles): Big thank for the girl who made my day. @ JustMiaN

      Just with that, all of the argument that had been swelled up in my head disappeared as I pressed the Follow button.
      Sửa lần cuối bởi stefanc; 06-06-2015 lúc 02:05.
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      two: #traumaticsaturday

      It was just another typical Sunday morning when the birds were singing, the sun was shining and the world kept moving. What the heck was I blabbering about? Actually, there was no bird singing but I had a bunch of cooked Peri-peri chickens with various flavors, lemon and herb, medium, hot, extra hot and extra extra hot. And your guesses were right, I worked at Nando’s as a part time job. I had shifts on Sunday and Wednesday. I was trying my hardest to make a living. My mom and dad weren’t the most well paid workers so in order to keep the house in good shape, I had to roll in the world of drudgery. I still went to school normally. And it wasn’t just any schools. It was a prestigious private high school called Collinswood. I managed to get a full scholarship from the school with a lot of help, encouragement from my secondary school’s friends and teachers, including Angie. Speak of the devil…

      The door swung in as a slim figure appeared behind it. The girl walked in light-footedly while her perfectly waterfall braided blond hair slightly floated with the tender wind. She looked stand out with a bright red duffle coat and rolled jeans. A steel gray chunky circular scarf wrapped around her neck. Many guys’ eyes were pinning on her, following her every single move. Haplessly, she paid no heed to all of them. Her turquoise eyes flickered when she spotted me looking at her in awe behind the counter. A wide smile quickly spread across her face as she rushed toward me. Inwardly, I had a feeling that this girl wanted to take away more than half of my shift to go on and on about her traumatic relationship with Brad, the captain of the Collin soccer team. It seemed that Brad had been unbelievably quiet recently. This was no good sign for my beloved best friend. Therefore, since last week’s Friday, I had been spending most of my times to listen to her complain even if it meant that I’d have to be wide awake because she usually called me in the middle of the night. The most emotional moment of the day.

      My phone made a small buzz in my jeans’ pocket. I rolled my eyes then flicked it out of the pocket.

      Why is she here? – Brad

      Look into the mirror you idiot. – Mia

      Well, do SOMETHING. – Brad

      … No way. - Mia

      Come on! - Brad

      I sighed at the text message from the lover boy and put my mobile away. Angie leaned on the counter her blue eyes lashing back and forth at the huge menu board above our head curiously. What was this girl doing?

      "I know you don’t eat these." I said as if it was a matter of fact (It was). Parting with the menu, Angie’s eyes glanced down to me... Here we go.

      "Miaaaa! When does you shift end?" She whined as I took a step back from amazement.

      "My shift ends at twelve." I casually told her. My eyes darted to the kitchen clearly seeing Brad's desperate hazel eyes through the small circle blur glass window on the door. What the hell was wrong with these two?

      As far as I got to know at that moment, it seemed that in order to prepare a massive surprise for Angie's birthday which was three weeks away, Brad secretly took some part time jobs including the job here, Nando's. He told me that knowing Angie’s healthy regimen, he only picked the restaurants that the girl would never go by. Well, apparently, there were full of amazement ahead.

      “Oh,” Angie’s voice became a bit higher as she said. “Can’t you skip?”

      “No. You know I don’t skip on work, Angie.”

      Angie was on the verge of a brilliant fake crying scene but knowing I wouldn’t play truant, she just stood up straight and rolled her eyes.

      “Ugh, how come you are my bestie?”

      “Talk to ya later, I got real customers right behind you.” I gave her the smile.

      Before walking away with disapproval, Angie ordered randomly a salad and a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, I was busy taking order from other customers. Brad tried to signal an apology to me from inside the kitchen but I just ignored him. Served him right for leaving me alone out here.

      “You should talk things out with her.” I said while putting the dishes on the tray. Brad remained silent for a few seconds.

      “But I wanted it to be a surprise.” said he.

      “I know, but still,” I sighed. “You don’t have to isolate yourself from her.”

      “It’s just so hard to keep secret from her.” Brad leaned on the wall crossing arms with a slight frown. I had to admit that I was a bit of jealous of these two sometimes, though I didn’t know why. I meant they were so in love. The way they acted when they were together, their goofy smiles when they were thinking about each other, made me want to be loved sometimes. Brad and Angie were well-known as the cutest couple of Collinswood. They were both blondes, had beautiful blue eyes, perfect body proportion, outgoing and nice. In short, Brad and Angela were the Ken and Barbie of Collinswood High. And who would have thought that those two could have such kind of problem like this.

      After my shift ended, Angie dragged me to the mall with her. We went through all the stores trying everything that was eye-catching. I was taken aback to see no complaint nor negative histrionics from her. Maybe Brad had texted her and arranged a date. But if it was really that, her expression shouldn't be like this. She would be overwhelmed with joy. My best friend would go frenzy, ask over and over what she should wear to the date (even though she looks good in anything). She would dig up her huge closet just to find the right dress. However, the Angie, at this moment, was calmly buying clothes, trying random dresses with no special emotion. Who are you?! And what have you done to my Angie? I mentally screamed.

      “Hey, are you OK?” I asked her, my hands nervously slid into my pockets. The premonition haunting me for several hours was about to come true as the gap in our supposed-to-be conversation was getting longer and longer.

      “Brad works in the same place as you, doesn’t he?” There was this coldness in her voice that seemed so strange for me. I could feel my palms were getting sweaty. No words of protest came out of my dry throat. I was standing on the verge of choosing whether to protect Brad’s life secret or side up with my bestie and ruin Brad’s massive surprise for her. This was such a dilemma. “I saw him walked out of Nando’s right before your shift ended.”
      I still remained silent. Needed more times to think comprehensively about what I should choose. How can Brad be so stupid? Didn't he know that she was sitting outside? He should have moved like ninja or at least stayed inside until the coast cleared.

      “You said you didn’t know what he was doing but he worked at Nando’s. The same one as yours, even the same shift.”

      “Angie, I…”

      “OK, I get it. Please give me sometimes, and then we can talk.” She hanged back the white dress on before storming out of the store, leaving me standing there with both eyes wide opened.



      As soon as I arrived home, the first thing I did was throw a paper ball across my room with full force of anger. I let my body dropped on the bed emotionless. My hand moved forward reaching for the laptop. I couldn’t stop thinking about Angela and Brad. At first, It was just their idiotic little lovers’ quarrel then it turned into this. Ugh, I thought Sunday was supposed to be the best day in the week. Now I’m going to have two bad days continuously: Sunday and Monday. As the mouse clicked on the Chrome icon, a new window popped up on the screen with the Twitter site already loading. I set it as one of the pages to open on startup. The other pages were Google, Tumblr and We Heart It. My hand idly pressed the down button causing the endless flowing stream of tweets. When staring at the animated tweets became boring, my overloaded brain decided to tweet something.

      The outcome was as tasteless as usual.

      DayDreamer (@ JustMiaN): So much for a Sunday. #tired

      - Edward. (@hesloveturtles): @ JustMiaN What’s wrong?

      - DayDreamer (@ JustMiaN): @hesloveturtles Just a bad Sunday.

      - Edward. (@hesloveturtles): @ JustMiaN People don’t use ‘just’ for a bad day.

      - DayDreamer (@ JustMiaN): @hesloveturtles Guess that I’m not one of those people.

      After sending the last reply, I waited a few minutes while Edward took his time to tweet back. What was he doing? I felt like hours had passed already. My arms stretched up then fell down. Boys, they always tend to do things at their own pace. Seeing that idly waiting for Edward would be a waste of times, I quickly jogged down stair and grabbed a drink. There was nothing left but a can of milk in the refrigerator. It was almost expired. Taking the can of milk with me, I jogged back to my room and found the tiny blue light under Me. My hand quickly grasped the mouse then clicked on the Me column. It was the direct message’s box that shining with a blue dot in the button.

      @hesloveturtles: Want to talk about your disastrous Sunday?

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      three: #hisadvice

      I stared, and stared at the message. He did not just ask me about the day... What should I do? What should I DO?! How should I reply? I practically went frantic. But then it occurred to me that Edward was –for now- a total stranger. And yup, hadn’t my mother taught me not to tell anything to strangers?

      @ JustMiaN: I said it was just a typical bad day.

      @hesloveturtles: No, you typed.

      @ JustMiaN: It's the same.

      @hesloveturtles: Not at all. You have better chances to lie when you don't show your facial expression.

      @ JustMiaN: I have no reason to lie to you.

      @hesloveturtles: You have all the reasons in this world to lie to me.

      I let out a sigh. He was right; I had every reason in this world to lie to him. So since I wasn’t in the mood to keep arguing with him…

      @ JustMiaN: Alright, I’ll tell you.

      @hesloveturtles: OK, I’m all “eyes”.

      Before I knew, I started to enjoy talking with Edward. I didn’t know why I chose him, out of all people, to convey the whole crazy bubbling problem with Angie and Brad (oh my wonderful lovelies). Maybe it was because he was a stranger and I just wanted to pour out all of my stress on someone (I’m just mean like that sometimes). Or I could stop being mean and pull out all my hair instead. Or maybe it was because he had been very persistent from the start, plus I had no other friends rather than Angela and Brad (he just became one of my -friends- recently. I never actually hung out with anyone. My timetable was always filled with different part-time jobs.)

      I hope Edward neither study in my school nor happens to know Brad and Angie, otherwise I’d be so embarrassed if he knew the REAL me – the kid who doesn’t know how to mingle (sort of). Hold on a sec, why would I be embarrassed? I’ve been so used to being called by various not-so-positive nicknames. Ugh, I think something is wrong with my brain today. It’s your fault, Brad. How could you be so imprudent?!

      Speaking of Brad, I tried to reach him through the phone all the afternoon. And greeting my desperate self was a lovely lady: “The number you have dialed...” blah blah. Just lovely. I slammed my hands on the keyboard just to regret my stupid reaction a few minutes later. Blame the frustration.

      Poor my little baby Macbook. Mommy is so sorry! You know mommy did not mean it, did you? Please be fine...
      What? I had worked my arse off for my little baby Macy. Let her drown in mama’s love!

      @ JustMiaN: asdsafukhgrgulrhisfrfduh;ufgdvherfguwbfvgrhhjwf;l;’’/225

      @hesloveturtles: I’d suggest you leave them alone. And get your keyboard a health check.

      @ JustMiaN: And just let Angie keep hating me for lying to her?

      @hesloveturtles: She hates you?

      @ JustMiaN: Woman’s intuition.

      @hesloveturtles: But she didn’t spew that right onto your face, right?

      @ JustMiaN: No.

      @ JustMiaN: Why on earth would she do so?

      @ JustMiaN: She would let guilt engulfs me and slowly kills me inside out. Then I would crawl into a corner and rot.

      @ JustMiaN: Then she would stand by my corpse and laugh in a way I probably have never heard before.

      @ JustMiaN: She’s basically like those evil witches in disguise who kill their victims when their guard’s down.

      @ JustMiaN: Oh my god

      @ JustMiaN: How dare her.

      @ JustMiaN: …

      @ JustMiaN: but yeah

      @ JustMiaN: Other than that, nope, she hasn’t said anything ‘bout that.

      @hesloveturtles: That means she still cares for you enough to not make you sad. So she doesn’t hate you THAT much. And above all, this isn't your fault.

      @hesloveturtles: You did nothing wrong. It was the dude who is at fault.

      I leaned back on my chair, looking at the screen. Just by exchanging a few words with Edward, I found solace in a short period of time. He was a smooth, not to mention persuasive, talker. I came to that conclusion fully based on our conversation in this afternoon until now.

      @hesloveturtles: Hey, I gotta go. Talk later?

      My heart pummeled, which I had never expected. A small part of my brain squeaked how it wished he would stay while the rest of it, which was unexpectedly sane today, was busy arguing about how normal people should feel toward a person whom they barely knew. Well, not exactly knew, I meant we just got to talk with each other through the Internet for like approximately a quarter of a day?

      @ JustMiaN: Thanks for talking to me.

      @hesloveturtles: That was definitely not the answer I was looking for.

      I giggled at that. My fingers automatically typed out my answer to him which was obviously…

      @ JustMiaN: Yes, talk to you later.

      @hesloveturtles: Sure thing. See you later. x

      The corners of my lips curled up. My hands instantly went up to cover the smile as if Edward could see me through the screen with his eyes wide opened.
      God, what is going on with me?


      After having a “blissful” Sunday, the real nightmare came to haunt me. School. To be more accurate, high school. Even though I was good student, it never coped with ‘I enjoy school a lot.’ It was quite the opposite. Moreover, since I just woke up, there had been this harbinger taking all of my brain power and making me unable to review the previous lesson.
      As I dragged my legs through the entrance, from afar, a tall, well-built figure lunged right at my direction. I didn’t even bother to dodge or be surprised. The answer for the question “-who” took me no less than a millisecond.

      “Hi, Brad.” I threw at him my brightest smile before striding pass him. The guy didn’t waste any seconds to take a good hold of my collar and dragged me to the old library at where nobody paid any second glances.

      “What the hell happened yesterday?” He grunted. Why did he make everything sound as if it was MY fault?

      “Look in the m-” I snorted before snatching back my arm. Where he grasped a while ago started to ache. I hoped there was no finger marks on it.

      “Enough with that. I’m serious.” Brad’s histrionics was excruciating. It made me wonder if something had happened. Wait, I forgot, of course, something had happened. This explained the whole bad premonition I got a while ago.

      Angie is a nice person, that, I can guarantee you. But when she is mad, she turns into the worst bitch in the history of human being. I am not exaggerating anything. I meant every single word. She is the sweetest girl but at the same time, the meanest person. I know it’s a paradox but we can’t change the fact.

      “Alright, she saw you walked out of Nando’s.” I took a deep breath and sighed.
      The other’s pupils contracted while his lips were half-opened. I could tell that his body was stiffening as well. I guessed that he didn’t think that he was the main problem. At very beginning, I had already prognosticated this. I told him to be careful daily but he just couldn’t help making a mistake. And now I had to take 50 percent of the responsibility. Tell me about penalty for complicit.

      “I-I thought she left.” He stumbled on the words.

      “She waited for me ‘til my shift ended.” I glanced up at him. Brad looked away as he heaved a sigh, his hand moved up ruffling his blond hair in frustration. His usually bright cerulean eyes were dim and no longer ebullient; his countenance displayed a lack-of-sleep night. A moment ago, I was about to scold him but now, it was unnecessary. Seem like I wasn’t the only one who had suffered a catastrophic Sunday.

      “What should I do?” He implored, looking miserable. My voice was at a loss for words, all of the thoughts that had occurred to me at that moment were Edward’s one single sentence.

      ‘I suggest you leave them alone.’

      “I …”

      ‘Leave them alone.’

      “I don’t know.” I replied to him.

      I really don’t know…
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