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      Kasane (MATSUURA Daruma)

      Kasane (MATSUURA Daruma)

      Associated Names
      累 ──かさね──
      累 (かさね)

      Groups Scanlating
      Kasane Scans
      Seizon Scans
      Snoozing Scans

      Status in Country of Origin
      12 Volumes (Ongoing)

      Drama Horror Psychological Seinen Supernatural Tragedy

      MATSUURA Daruma

      MATSUURA Daruma


      Beautiful people are loved and revered. They have everything they desire at their fingertips... Even if their beauty is a complete illusion.

      Before Fuuchi Kasane's mother passed away she gave her daughter a special lipstick inherited from her own mother, with instructions that, if ever life becomes too hard to bear, she should put on the lipstick and kiss whatever she truly desires.

      But is this keepsake a blessing? ...Or a curse?

      Note: Nominated for the 8th Manga Taishou Award.

      **Nội dung ẩn: Để xem được nội dung này bạn phải có số bài gửi lớn hơn hoặc bằng 1.**

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