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    1. Blue card for the end


    2. #172
      Artificial Lover
      Tham gia ngày
      Bài viết
      Cấp độ
      OMG thank you soooo much dear GM :'(

      I'll choose red this time again, just because---


      Zetsuki 絶希
      The Hope which is filled with Despair.

      • Status: Inactive
      ► Currently: Lost in work (and games).

    3. #173


      ÷ 2

      x 5

      ÷ 2

      x 2

      +5 diamonds to Shiruki for coming back :'3

      Check for my mistakes (●´ω`●)ゞ

      "It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done."
      - Vincent Van Gogh -

    4. #174

      Thank you all & Congratulation!

      Thank you very much for participating in the game and following until the end ♥

      Hope you guys had a good time(?)

      Here are the Prize winners:

      @Scheherazade 1st place - 500 reps
      @Poscame 2nd place - 400 reps
      @Tím 3rd place - 300 reps
      @Khôi Worst luck - 100 reps

      All other players who stayed from round 6 forward get 20 reps each
      @Cerestial @Leviathan @Shiruki @Phantom_Cat @.Mikưng @Ngạo @sayaka chan

      Check for my mistakes. If there're no questions, prizes will be distributed starting tomorrow.

      Happy New Year everyone! Stay healthy and Be happy

      Sửa lần cuối bởi sildi07; 29-12-2017 lúc 02:48.

    5. #175
      first place? me? really?

      Since luck is not really on my side most of the time, this is something truly unexpected yet amusing. Therefore I wish to donate all of my prize to box's piggy bank, a Jar of Miracle as award is enough for me please

      Thank you for creating such relaxing event during holidays. <3


    6. #176
      Vợ đại nhân
      Hibarism Tsunaholic
      SP: 1176
      Tham gia ngày
      Bài viết
      Cấp độ
      I wonder why my lover always beats me...
      Quảng cáo game

      Ổ chó

    7. #177
      well after all bad luck is a kind of luck I think
      Shit my life sucks

    8. #178
      Tham gia ngày
      Bài viết
      Cấp độ

      Distribute all rewards~

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