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      [Fanfic] [Ashi Girl] Love in Twenty Words

      Author: Flame Sniper
      Rating: T
      Fandom: Ashi Girl (drama-verse)
      Couple: Hagi Kuhachiro Tadakiyo (Wakagimi) and Hayakawa Yui (Yuinosuke)
      Characters: Hagi Kuhachiro Tadakiyo (Wakagimi), Hayakawa Yui (Yuinosuke), Hagi Tadataka, Matsumaru Ako, Hagi Nariyuki, The Amanos (Amano Nobushige, Amano Nobuchika, Amano Kouheita, Amano Yoshino, Amano Sannosuke, Amano Magoshirou)
      Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story.
      Note: Constructive criticism is always welcome, but please, no flame.
      His life has always been under threats. Poisoning attempts at five years of age. Kidnapping at seven. Assassination at ten. Ambushing at fourteen when he first made friends with the battlefield. Somehow he evaded or survived all these dangers, but Tadakiyo was not sure when his luck will run out, and the last thing he wanted was to bring Yui down with him. That, if anything, stopped him from popping the question.
      2. Electric
      I’m sorry, Wakagimi. I cannot let your honor lead you to your death.
      3. Innocence
      Yui lost her innocence in that misty field of slaughtered soldiers, her life forever stained with the smell of blood.
      4. Guess
      She has often tried guessing what Princess Ako was like (sassy, superficial, simple-minded), but after meeting the real princess (innocent, honest, friendly), Yui was torn between affection for Ako and acute jealousy because she will be the one marrying Wakagimi.
      5. Solve
      The answer to the Mystery of Princess Fuku was unexpectedly found in a feisty foot solider.
      6. Excite
      There is something exciting about the battlefield, thought Yui guiltily, because that is the only place where she can meet that important person.
      7. Animal
      Being the equerry was not so bad; she can meet Wakagimi more often, they can go on private dates, but oh if Hayate keeps fighting her, she will seriously consider quitting this job.
      8. Leave
      As she disappeared right before his eyes, it took all of his self-control not to confess right then and there.
      9. Wrap
      Everyone knows she has got him wrapped around her fingers…maybe except her.
      10. Friend
      Tadakiyo has always been impressed by Yui’s ability to make everyone her friend, especially when it concerned his grumpy and reserved older half-brother, and his strict and serious father.
      11. Swift
      Swift on her feet, she barged open the door to his heart and stubbornly claimed a room.
      12. Seasons
      She is like the spring; she brings hope and change wherever she goes, and leaves unbearable loneliness in her wake. He is just a leaf spun around by her wind only to fall to the ground and shrivel up, constantly waiting for her return.
      13. Need
      “I will go. After all, I’m expendable. Wakagimi doesn’t need to worry ab-”
      He crushes her petite form to his chest in a tight hug, because he needs her to understand that she is in no way expendable and there is no way he can send his wife to her death, but most of all, that if she dies, a part of him will die with her.
      14. Unfold
      Yui huddles in a corner of her room as she unfolds the letter from Wakagimi, her eyes brimming with tears at the sight of his handwriting.
      15. Ashes
      In her time, he is nothing more than a name in her history book and ashes on the ground, and she often wonders how a dead man can have this firm hold on her heart.
      16. Classic
      Even after discounting the fact that she served as a foot soldier, Hagi Tadataka cannot see how the Amano’s adopted daughter can become the classic obedient and demure wife for Tadakiyo.
      17. Haze
      Seeing her stabbed with the arrow that was meant for him and hearing her choked cry as she dropped to the ground, his eyes were suddenly filled with a furious red haze as he attacked the assailant.
      18. Now
      If I ask you to leave your home and your family to run away with me right now, will you? But I can’t ask that because I know you will say yes.
      19. Mistakes
      He thought his days of battle would give him an advantage, but Tadakiyo realized he was dead wrong when she passed him effortlessly ten seconds into their cross country race.
      20. Promise
      Their lives are interlocked by promises; she would always come to save him, and he promised that he will protect her.
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      Spring youth is a flicker of brightness
      Spring youth is sweet and bright
      Spring youth is fragile, painful and fleeting
      Spring youth is all about making mistakes
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