Hoshizora no Karasu

Associated Names
Crow in the Starry Sky

Status in Country of Origin
Oneshot (Complete)
8 Volumes (Complete)
54.5 Chapters (Complete)

Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Sports

MORIE Satoshi

MORIE Satoshi


Karasuma Waka is a 13 years old girl who adores Go. She received this passion for the game from her grand father, a professional Go player. She loves Go so much that she even forgets to get her hair cut! However, her mother doesn't allow her to play Go, since she has a bad image of her father, who once left to play a game while his wife was dying.

One day, Waka sees a game of a very strong professional player called Sagisaka Souji. Impressed by his style, she decides to become pro despite the objection of her mother. The young girl proposes her a bet: if she wins the next tournament, her mother will allow her to become pro, otherwise she will abandon her dream.

Can she win her bet and realize her dream?

(Source: eurogotv.com)

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