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      ain Title Himiko-Den (a454)
      Official Title Legend of Himiko
      Official Title 火魅子伝
      Type TV Series, 12 episodes
      Year 07.01.1999 till 01.04.1999
      Tags fantasy, adventure, action, manga - [similar]

      Himejima Himiko doesn't know who her parents are. In fact, she can't remember much about her past at all. She, in fact, is a sacred child from a parallel fantasy realm. At the event of her birth, during a sacred flame ritual, an evil general with sadistic intentions invades the palace, causing the six guardians of the flame to be dispersed, and nearly killing Himiko. Several years later, Himiko and her adoptive brother return to Himiko's homeland, to find it torn apart by war; it's up to Himiko to reunite the six guardians and return order to the realm.

      Source: AnimeNfo!CvxSjKpI!D5c28aQB3-gy4MRLK8pKyw

      Sửa lần cuối bởi KemonoIsBest; 29-03-2018 lúc 19:46.
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