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  1. Xem đối thoại
    eyyyyy happy birthday homie
  2. Xem đối thoại
    >It's not like I want to kill ONLY you or anything

    wait, you plan on letting my body be FOUND ? Deal's over.

    I won't give you the satisfaction.
    You think you can kill me ? HAH! I will kill myself.
    I will go missing in a wood
    I will die in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, where no one will find me.

    Have fun waiting without ever knowing for sure whether I have died or not.
    You will always be 2 years younger than me.
    Alway alway alway alway
  3. Xem đối thoại
    but Im just a retard, why don't you pick on someone more mature than you ?
    What about Cigarette ? He's 3 years older.
  4. Xem đối thoại
    " What I want is to "become superior than thou"."
    And how would you do that ? I was never serious in the first place.
  5. Xem đối thoại
    wait are we talking about boobs or ages ?

    *activate trap card*
    One wise man once said "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."
    I have aimed to be a complete immature retard all along.

    What now onee-chan ? *smug face*
  6. Xem đối thoại
    >My wise is beyond mere countable span of human life.
    you compensatin' for somethin' homies ?

    you are like a thousand years old loli with breast envy
    bet you really want these two......years huh ?
  7. Xem đối thoại
    but wanting to "off" someone just because you are younger ain't gonna win you any mature point tho

    beside you are gonna lose anyway cause a FB quiz already told me my mental age is 40 ahahahahhahahaha
  8. Xem đối thoại
    2 days past and im still haven't know the #sweetembraceofdeath
    Do you even death threat bruh ?
  9. Xem đối thoại
    the number of years you live is not equal to the depth of your experience, people can be mature before their age right ?
    how about you try that race instead ?

    >where ya live again ?
    dude, I live in HN
  10. Xem đối thoại
    well technically I am always older than you, so "again" would imply that at some point in time (you think) our age are the same.
    I assume that you would hit 23 by August while I remain 23 until September 23rd. then I will be 24.

    unless you mistake my birthday for 1993, or you add 1 to your age for some reason.
    in that case HAH!

    my god im already an old man
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